Do You Suffer From Ablutophobia?

This phobia is the fear of cleaning, washing, or bathing. This is more common in both children and women, than males. This is highly likely to develop in persons who are highly emotional. This phobia can lead to feelings of loneliness and dejection from society. This condition is commonly associated with a mental trauma. These people experience an unwarranted and persistent fear when exposed to the object of their fear. You can learn more about this phobia at

Are You Irrationally Fearful Of The Dark?

If you have a persistent irrational fear of being in the dark or of darkness in general, you are suffering from what is known as achluophobia. You may hear it referred to as a few different phobia names or in general darkness anxiety. You know that the darkness is not posing you any real danger, but you can’t control the anxiety you feel when exposed to it.

Your phobia likely developed due to three causes. The first is experiencing a traumatic event that has stuck with you typically from childhood up throughout adulthood. This even could be getting assaulted in a dark alley, for example. Now every time you are in the dark you relive that experience and feel immense anxiety that you are going to be assaulted.

The second cause is an observational experience. Instead of experiencing the assault yourself, you may have witnessed someone close to you experience the assault. This could be walking with a friend in a dark alley and see them being robbed. This association between something bad happening to your friend and darkness become one in your own mind.

Lastly, the third cause is what is known as instructional experience. The root of this cause doesn’t rely on a specific traumatic event you or someone close to you went through. Rather this experience is a result of instructions you have been given throughout life about darkness. For example, your parents have always told you never to go out in the dark alone. This gets instilled in your mind as darkness being bad or against the rules. You may have watched a news report of a robbery occurring to someone in a back alley. You know think that that experience may happen to you if you walk down a dark alley. All of these instructions you’ve been give develop this connection between immense fear and darkness.

Afraid To Be Naked?

It’s normal for most humans to feel a little anxious the first time they are naked in front of someone else. But, this doesn’t typically keep people from continuing the act and within a few moments their feelings of anxiety gently slip away. However, for some the fear of nudity stems way beyond that. They are actually deathly afraid of being naked. This is known as gymnophobia, you can learn more about it at

This typically develops as a person endures a traumatic event that makes their brain connect nakedness with anxiety. This could be getting made fun of in the locker room or community shower. This will cause the sufferers to constantly remember the anxiety they had every time they are faced with nudity, either themselves being naked or seeing others naked.

Symptoms of Eczema Explained

Eczema or atopic dermatitis commonly affects infants with dry and scaly patches of skin. These can become intensely itchy as well. The symptoms will vary depending on the age of the person with the condition. Most people develop this condition at the age of five. Half of the people who do develop this condition in childhood continue to have symptoms into adulthood. Each symptoms experienced by each different child can vary greatly.

Most people will experience times where their symptoms are bad and where their symptoms tend to go away. Rashes commonly appear on the cheeks and the scalp. These rashes tend to bubble up and weep with a clear fluid or pus. These rashes cause extreme itchiness and scratching, but scratching can make the skin infection worse. You can treat your symptoms with Revitol Eczema Cream and learn more about it at

Have You Ever Had A Boil?

If you have ever had a boil in the past you know they can be irritating. These skin abscesses fill with a white pus, which is highly contagious. You have to constantly cover your boil to prevent any of that pus from getting out and infecting others. In some cases you have to be particularly careful not to get the pus on other areas of your skin to avoid repeat infections.

These are caused by a staph infection. Usually it will enter the skin via a cut, scrap, or other abrasion. However, sometimes it may enter the skin directly through a hair follicle. The infection sticks to that hair follicle or oil gland and begins to form a painful bump. This lump on the skin will fill with a white colored pus within about a week or so.

Bladder Support With Flotrol Supplement

When it comes to taking health supplements, many of them are overpriced and not needed. We highly suggest before you start taking any health supplement you first make sure that it will do something for you and you consult your doctor to make sure it will work for your body.

Flotrol is a natural bladder support supplement that works to strengthen weak bladder muscles. Those with overactive bladder and bladder control issues will benefit greatly from taking this supplement. The active ingredients in this product are soy bean extract and pumpkin seed extract. Both of these extracts have been used for centuries to help with bladder control.

To learn more about this bladder support supplement we highly suggest you read this article – Is it safe or a scam?